2018-2019 Professional Selling and Business Operations Event topics

The opportunities for competitive event success are limitless this year!  Are you Ready for It!

Below are draft topics for the 2018-2019 business operations research events and professional selling and consulting events.

Be sure to check the DECA Guide over the summer for official guidelines for the 2018-2019 school year.

BUSINESS OPERATIONS RESEARCH:  The 2018-2019 topic for each career category is the development of a cause marketing campaign. Participants will collaborate with a local business or organization to analyze current customer perceptions of the company or organization’s corporate social responsibility. Participants will then present a plan to create a cause marketing campaign that aligns to the company or organization’s core values.

FINANCIAL CONSULTING:  For 2018-2019 you will assume the role of a financial consultant. A young professional has come to you for advice on setting a budget including recommendations on a savings plan. The young professional’s annual salary is $40,000. The young professional has student loans, wants to live a millennial lifestyle and save for the future. The young professional would like you to make recommendations for a monthly budget.

HOSPITALITY AND TOURISM PROFESSIONAL SELLING:  For 2018-2019 you will assume the role of a sales manager for a convention and visitors bureau of a major city. A potential client is interested in holding its annual conference for 4,000 attendees in your city and is meeting with you to hear about your city’s meeting package. At a minimum, you should discuss convention facilities, hotel package, potential attractions and transportation.

PROFESSIONAL SELLING:  For 2018-2019 you will assume the role of a sales representative of a security services firm. A general manager of a retail store has scheduled a meeting with you because he/she is seeking a firm to provide security services for the store. The general manager wants to learn about your firm’s services as they relate to security guards, security equipment and alarms, loss prevention strategies and more.