Agam Bhatti, Branding & Communications

Agam Bhatti is honoured and excited to be serving as DECA Ontario’s Branding and Communications Officer for the 2022-2023 year. Agam is a grade 11 student at Turner Fenton SS and has been involved in his school’s DECA chapter since the 9th grade. Within his school’s chapter, he served as a Business Associate in 2020/2021 and Vice-President of Education in 2021/2022. DECA has given Agam the opportunity to do what he loves—gaining real world experience, making memories and new friends—and he’s committed to ensuring that every member gets just as much out of DECA as he has.

Beyond DECA, Agam is involved in youth organizations, like JEC Toronto, that are committed to making financial education more accessible to all. Agam writes articles for publications like StreetFins and JE, with a personal interest in exploring economic and environmental sustainability. He’s passionate about volunteering and has been working as a youth mentor at YMCA Toronto, where he helps newcomers to Canada acclimate to their environments. In his spare time, you might find Agam watching Sherlock on TV, learning Japanese, or taking a walk with a couple of friends. 

Agam hopes to make year 44 an unforgettable new start for Ontario DECA; he’s excited to see how Ontario DECA’s members all play a part in this goal! If you want to share any ideas, suggestions, or just want to say hello, Agam encourages you to reach out via social media, or through his email