Competitive Events

Put in the work, harden your strengths, apply them to industry, come out better than you started.

The array of events to compete in reflects the diversity of business applications in the workplace. From Accounting to Sports and Entertainment Marketing, students will find an area of interest to pursue. To maximize success, choose a category that best matches your knowledge, experience, and access to resources (i.e. if your older sister is a Chartered Accountant, try the Accounting or Finance events and train with her).

The document below contains a list of all events offered by DECA Ontario along with a link to a sample case/topic to help you decide which category is best for you. Availability of these events may vary depending on the level of competition (i.e. no written events at Regionals) and the size of your chapter (i.e. members of a chapter must fill every event category before additional participants for the same categories will be considered). Please see specific details about each competition under Competitive Events Listing.

  • 1 – 3 members; unlimited number of entries
  • Can compete in any online event as well as any event offered at Regionals and Provincials
  • These events are NOT run by DECA Ontario and will NOT be competing at Provincials; qualifiers for ICDC are determined by DECA Inc.  Notifications are emailed at the end of each round.
  • No exam
  • To register your teams for the DECA Stock Market Game, please visit and go through the registration process.  During the process if you encounter any issues, please contact Carolyn Quest , SMG Coordinator with SIFMA at
  • To register your teams for the DECA Virtual Business Challenges (VBCs), please visit Knowledge Matters and register.   Can’t find your school or having issues, contact Adrienne Burda at
Stock Market GameSMG Guidelines & LoginSMG Sample A

SMG Sample B
Virtual Business Challenge: Accounting, Fashion, Hotel Management, Restaurant, Retailing, Sports, and Personal FinanceVBC Online
Principles ExamPrinciples PI
PBM Case
PFN Case
PHT Case
PMK Case

*PMK reserved for Grade 9 students only

*Reserved for 1st-year DECA members regardless of grade unless otherwise noted.

PFL ExamPerformance Indicators
PFL Case


The 2018-2019 topic for each career category is the development of a cause marketing campaign. Participants will collaborate with a local business or organization to analyze current customer perceptions of the company or organization’s corporate social responsibility. Participants will then present a strategic plan to create a cause marketing campaign that aligns to the company or organization’s core values.

BOR Sample eventBMOR Sample eventFOR Sample eventHTOR Sample eventSEOR Sample event 
  • Maximum of two entries per event per Chapter; 1 – 3 participants
  • Maximum length of 20 pages and 15 minutes to present
  • online submission by January 15
GuidelinesSample Event
Community Service ProjectCSP
Creative Marketing ProjectCMP
Entrepreneurship Promotion ProjectEPP
Financial Literacy Promotion ProjectFLPP
Learn and Earn ProjectLEP
Public Relations ProjectPRP
  • Maximum of two entries per event per Chapter; 1 – 3 participants
  • Varying lengths and 15 minutes to present
  • online submission by January 15
Independent Business Plan1 - 320 pagesEIB
Innovation Plan1 - 310 pagesEIP
International Business Plan1 - 320 pagesIBP
Start-Up Business Plan1 - 310 pagesESB
Franchise Business Plan1 - 320 pagesEFB
The GRIT Tank NEW THIS YEAR!!! Theme will be an Engineering Consulting Event sponsored by McMaster Faculty of Engineering. Three $5 000 DECA Scholarships will be awarded towards tuition; restrictions may apply.
1 - 31 page
  • Maximum of two entries per event per Chapter; 1 – 3 participants
  • Maximum length of 10 pages and 15 minutes to present
  • online submission by January 15
  • The following events must submit a good copy of their report based on the specific guidelines outlined in the DECA Guide. It will be read by the Judge.
Integrated Marketing Campaign - EventADC EventMarketing PI
Integrated Marketing Campaign - Product
FMP Event
Integrated Marketing Campaign - ServiceSEPP Event
Marketing Exam
  • Maximum of two entries per event per Chapter; individual event
  • Maximum 15 minutes to present
  • online submission by January 15
  • Unlike the US guidelines, a report/research notes/powerpoint presentation slides must be submitted. NO standardized guidelines are required so the student can include whatever they feel is relevant to be read by the Judge.

For 2018-2019 you will assume the role of a financial consultant. A young professional has come to you for advice on setting a monthly budget including recommendations on a savings plan. The young professional’s annual salary is $40,000. The young professional has student loans, wants to live a millennial lifestyle and save for the future. The young professional would like you to make recommendations for a monthly budget.

For 2018-2019 you will assume the role of a sales manager for a convention and visitors bureau of a major city. A potential client is interested in holding its annual conference for 4,000 attendees in your city and is meeting with you to hear about your city’s meeting package. At a minimum, you should discuss convention facilities, hotel package, potential attractions and transportation.

For 2018-2019 you will assume the role of a sales representative of a security services firm. A general manager of a retail store has scheduled a meeting with you because he/she is seeking a firm to provide security services for the store. The general manager wants to learn about your firm’s services as they relate to security guards, security equipment and alarms, loss prevention strategies and more.

Hospitality & Tourism Professional SellingHospitality & Tourism ExamHTPS PI
Professional Selling EventMarketing ExamPSE PI
Financial Consulting EventFinance Exam FCE PI