The International Career Development Conference (ICDC) is designed to bring together persevering DECA members from around the world to take part in one final competition in their chosen event category. Every year at the end of April, Ontario delegates with all its intensity, heads south to the USA for one week to prepare, perform, and parade our spirit! It will be a sight to be see!

About ICDC

Congratulations to all the Ontario delegates that participated in the 2021 DECA International Conference in VIRTUALLY!

Each year, we represent Canada and we represent to the fullest (click Recognition for our success story and statistics).  Students not competing have the opportunity to attend ICDC to participate in one of the many leadership programmes to build on chapter management skills and bring a wealth of ideas back to help improve their local Chapter.  

April 20 – 26, 2023

$ 1400 - $2 450

Click to view ICDC Registrations Package

Online Registrations due February 20 ; Payment Due March 1



For students who will be accompanied by a DECA Advisor: $1 400

Advisors who agree to supervise students within the SAME school board, can ask to be partially reimbursed for ICDC Registration coverage.  A precedent has been set at $300 per student by all school boards in Ontario.  This cheque should be made payable to the school and not to Ontario DECA.  ADVISOR TO STUDENT RATIO SHOULD NOT EXCEED 1:8 OR THE SCHOOL BOARD’S RATIO; WHICHEVER IS STRICTER.

NOTE: Students will be housed in Quadruple Occupancy Rooms.  Exceptions to student housing will be made upon request.


Single Occupancy (King Room):  $2 450
Double Occupancy (King Room): $1 800 (teachers will have to share a King Bed; no cots)

Registration Materials

ICDC Registration Package
ICDC Forms to be completed  
Student Forms 1–3, Advisor Forms 4–5; once completed, scan and email them to icdc@deca.ca

Why attend the Leadership Academies at ICDC?
DECA Inc Attractions (for purchase only through Chapter Advisor; CANNOT book April 21, 22 or DECA Night)
DECA Inc Login (requires unique user and password)e

Our method for normalizing is this:

  1. For the scores of each judge, compute the mean and the standard deviation (call them jMean and JStdev)
  2. For the conference overall, compute the mean and standard deviation (call them cMean and cStdev)
  3. Normalize each student score by computing

Normalized = [ (score – jMean) / jStdev ] * cStdev + cMean

using the judge that scores them. This is essentially adjusting the means and standard deviations to match that of the conference overall.


Future ICDC dates

April – April , 2024 |  Anaheim, California
April  – April , 2025 |  Orlando, Florida
April  – April, 2026 |  Atlanta, Georgia
April – April , 2027 |  Anaheim, California
April  – April , 2028 |  Orlando, Florida

School Board Requirements

Government of Canada                              Travel Tips for DECA Trips
Parent Consent Letter  (PDF)                        Advisors | Students

Manulife Insurance Coverage If you believe that the insurance coverage is deficient and you wish to purchase additional insurance, please do so.  Please keep in mind that the section referring to covering cancellation for a teacher strike is not valid until the matter clears and the risk is unforeseen again.

Certificate of Insurance (Summary of Coverage)
Emergency Guide (Orange County Convention Centre)

Insurance Policies:
Hilton Garden Inn @ Sea World
Travel with Flaire #50021282 TICO Indira Roy
Total Transport Solutions shuttles at ICDC  CGL

DECA Ontario is registered as non-profit in Canada:  820570679       DECA Ontario’s CGL and Director’s Liability Insurance.