Area 4 Regionals

Seneca College
1750 Finch Avenue East, Toronto, ON M3J 2X5


Area 4 Regionals Student Timetable   (final)
ALL student competitions are in BUILDING B

Tentative Area 4 Schedule     

Seneca Information Package


  • take a picture of your photo ID in case you lose it.  It clearly has to show your face.
  • arrive at least 30 minutes before your assigned time and stand outside your PREP ROOM until you are called in.
  • ALL Individual Events are scheduled in the morning and ALL Principle and Team Events are scheduled in the afternoon.


Area 4 Regionals Combined Advisor/Judge Listing          

Description of Regionals Duties

Food available for purchase for students (cash/debit):

  1. Pizza Pizza (11am-6pm)
  2. Pita Pit (11am-6pm)
  3. Tim Hortons (8am-6pm)
  4. Starbucks (10a-8pm)


Judge Recruitment Letter (Area 4 Regionals)

Judges Registered for ALL Regionals
(sorted by REGIONAL then alphabetically by LAST NAME)