Competitive Events

Put in the work, harden your strengths, apply them to industry, come out better than you started. The array of events to compete in reflects the diversity of business applications in the workplace. From Accounting to Sports and Entertainment Marketing, students will find an area of interest to pursue. To maximize success, choose a category that best matches your knowledge, experience, and access to resources.

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  • Apparel and Accessories Marketing Series
  • Automotive Services Marketing Series
  • Business Services Marketing Series
  • Buying and Merchandising Operations Research
  • Buying and Merchandising Team Decision Making
  • Food Marketing Series
  • Integrated Marketing Campaign–Event
  • Integrated Marketing Campaign–Product
  • Integrated Marketing Campaign–Service
  • Marketing Communications Series
  • Marketing Management Team Decision Making
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Professional Selling
  • Retail Merchandising Series
  • Sports and Entertainment Marketing Operations Research
  • Sports and Entertainment Marketing Series
  • Sports and Entertainment Marketing Team Decision Making
  • VBC – Fashion
  • VBC – Retail
  • VBC – Sports

Business Management + Administration

  • Business Law and Ethics Team Decision Making
  • Business Services Operations Research
  • Business Solutions Project
  • Career Development Project
  • Community Awareness Project
  • Community Giving Project
  • Financial Literacy Project
  • Human Resources Management Series
  • Principles of Business Management and Administration
  • Sales Project

Hospitality + Tourism

  • Hospitality Services Team Decision Making
  • Hospitality and Tourism Operations Research
  • Hospitality and Tourism Professional Selling
  • Hotel & Lodging
    Management Series
  • Principles of Hospitality and Tourism
  • Restaurant and Food Service Management Series
  • Travel and Tourism Team Decision Making
  • VBC – Hotel Management
  • VBC – Restaurant


  • Accounting Applications Series
  • Business Finance Series
  • Finance Operations Research
  • Financial Consulting
  • Financial Services Team Decision Making
  • Principles of Finance
  • Stock Market Game
  • VBC – Accounting


  • Entrepreneurship Team Decision Making
  • Franchise Business Plan
  • Independent Business Plan
  • Innovation Plan
  • International Business Plan
  • Start-up Business Plan
  • VBC– Entrepreneurship

Personal Financial Literacy

  • Personal Financial Literacy
  • VBC – Personal Finance

New for 2023-2024

All written event papers submissions are due Monday, January 15, 2024 to DLG Judge Pro by 5:00 pm.  Papers will be marked virtually.  Presentations will be conducted in-person on February 9, 2024 at the Toronto Sheraton Centre.

IMCE, IMCS, IMCP, FCE, HTPS and PSE are all required to write exams for Provincials!


  • 1 – 3 members; unlimited number of entries
  • Can compete in any online event as well as any event offered at Regionals and Provincials
  • These events are NOT run by Ontario DECA and will NOT be competing at Provincials; qualifiers for ICDC are determined by DECA Inc.  Notifications are emailed at the end of each round.
  • No exam
  • To register your teams for the DECA Stock Market Game, please  visit and go through the registration process.  During the process if you encounter any issues, please contact Carolyn Quest , SMG Coordinator with SIFMA or
  • To register your teams for the DECA Virtual Business Challenges (VBCs), please visit Knowledge Matters and register.
  • Can’t find your school or having issues, contact DECA Communications at
  • To ask questions regarding participation, contact

Stock Market Game

SMG Guidelines & LoginSMG Sample A

Competitive Advice
Virtual Business Challenge: Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Fashion, Hotel Management, Restaurant, Retailing, Sports, and Personal FinanceVBC Online RegistrationAdditional Resources

2022 PBM CasePrinciples Exam #1251Principles PI
2022 PFN Case
2022 PHT CasePrinciples Sample Video
2022 PMK Case

*  ALL of the Principles Events are reserved for 1st-year DECA members regardless of grade unless otherwise noted.
*  PMK reserved for Grade 9 students only.

Financial Literacy Exam #1250Performance Indicators
2022 PFL Case

  • 1 – 3 participants per team
  • Maximum length of 20 pages and 15 minutes to present
  • DLG Judge Pro online submission by January 15, 2024; maximum 30 MB upload as a PDF
  • Business Operations Research Events Guidelines   (the Evaluations are on page 64 and 65 of the guideline)



The 2023-2024 topic for each career category is the development of a strategy to combat the talent challenge. Businesses today are facing labor shortages across all industries. Participants will collaborate with a local business or organization to analyze the current process for recruiting, hiring, onboarding and retaining workers. Participants will then create and present a strategic plan to attract and retain employees.

’22 BOR Sample event’22 BMOR Sample event’22 FOR Sample event’22 HTOR Sample event’22 SEOR Sample event


The Project Management Events require participants to use project management skills to initiate, plan, execute, monitor and control and close a project.  Participants in the Project Management Events will:

  • identify a problem
  • develop a project management plan related to the problem
  • implement the project using project management skills
  • develop a written report and presentation on the project

The new event names are:

    • Business Solutions Project    PMBS
    • Career Development Project     PMCD
    • Community Awareness Project     PMCA
    • Community Giving Project    PMCG
    • Financial Literacy Project    PMFL
    • Sales Project     PMSP

Business Solutions ProjectCareer Development ProjectCommunity Awareness ProjectCommunity Giving ProjectFinancial Literacy ProjectSales Project
’22 PMBS
’22 PMCD’22 PMCA’22 PMCG’22 PMFL’22 PMSP

  • 1 – 3 participants per team
  • Varying lengths and 15 minutes to present
  • DLG Judge Pro online submission by January 15, 2024; maximum 30 MB upload as a PDF

Start-Up Business Plan1 – 310 pages’22 ESB
Innovation Plan1 – 310 pages’22 EIP
Independent Business Plan1 – 320 pages’22 EIB
International Business Plan1 – 320 pages’22 IBPGlobal Negotiator / / / / Knight IBP Outline
Franchise Business Plan1 – 320 pages’22 EFB

  • 1 – 3 participants per team
  • Maximum length of 10 pages and 15 minutes to present
  • DLG Judge Pro online submission by January 15, 2024; maximum 30 MB upload as a PDF
  • The following events must also submit a good copy of their report to their Judge at Provincials
  • Students will write an exam at Regionals level; the weighted average of the team exam score will determine if they move on to Provincials
  • They do NOT compete at an in-person event at the Regional level; exam only
  • Integrated Marketing Campaign Event Guidelines                             Marketing Cluster Performance Indicators

’22 IMCE Event’22 IMCP Event’22 IMCS EventMarketing Exam #1245

  • Each of these events are an individual event     Guidelines
  • Maximum 15 minutes to present
  • DLG Judge Pro online submission by January 15, 2024;  maximum 30 MB file uploaded as PDF
  • Unlike the US guidelines, a report/research notes/powerpoint presentation slides must be submitted. A SIGNIFICANT amount of research must be provided in order to make it to the next round.  NO standardized guidelines are required so the student can include whatever they feel is relevant to be read by the Judge.
  • Students will write an exam at Regionals level; the exam score will determine if you move on to Provincials
  • They do NOT compete at an in-person event at the Regional level; exam only


2023 SCENARIOS for each of the areas

Financial Consulting (FCE)

For 2023-2024, you will assume the role of a financial consultant. A small-business client has scheduled a meeting with you because they would like to add a peer-to-peer payment platform option for their customers. The client would like you to share and explain different peer-to-peer platforms and make a recommendation that will have a positive financial impact.


Hospitality and Tourism Professional Selling (HTPS)

For 2023-2024, you will assume the role of a sales manager for a glamping resort. You are meeting with the CEO of a company that is hosting a retreat for its 12 employees and their immediate families. During the meeting, you should discuss, at a minimum, the setting, accommodations, dining and activities. This meeting is very important to the CEO, who is also wanting to host an annual kick-off meeting during the retreat in a creative meeting space for only the 12 employees.


Professional Selling (PSE)

For 2023-2024, you will assume the role of a sales representative for a company that specializes in assisting clients with social media selling strategies. Social selling is a sales method that practices incorporating social networks into every stage of the sales process. A large part of the customer experience now takes place on social media and in more casual communication channels. You have a meeting scheduled with the owner of a local retail boutique to present the services your company can provide for expanding their company’s social media selling strategies.


Same Guidelines for the three EventsCLUSTER EXAMPERFORMANCE INDICATORS
Professional Selling and Consulting EventsHospitality Exam #1246
Marketing Exam #1245
Finance Exam #1248FCE PI