Gumption Risk Intuition Tenacity (GRIT)
For the thriving young entrepreneurs with an insatiable desire to launch a business, GRIT is what you need to succeed. We connect with Ontario’s emerging and established entrepreneurs with practical and relevant advice on how to launch your business. Learn from their mistakes, ask them questions, grow from this experience.

The GRIT DECA Entrepreneurship Conference is open to all high school students in grades 9 to 11.

The School of Accounting and Finance (SAF) at the University of Waterloo is hosting this conference to further enhance your skills to prepare for the Provincials.

Students can choose to participate in one of four workshops to build your entrepreneurial, financial literacy, and business writing skills. All registrants will have the opportunity to hear from a panel of young Waterloo graduates about their journeys and experiences as entrepreneurs. This conference is a valuable opportunity for all those who attend.

Registration is capped at 300. If we have any cancellations, students on the waiting list will be contacted.

The GRITshops

The Regional GRITshops are designed to amplify your industry knowledge through current trends and insights delivered by industry professionals. Whether it’s how to write an effective executive summary, how to realistically project financials, or the latest in marketing techniques, the GRITshops are a wealth of information to enhance your competition game. The GRITshops hold your competitive advantage – come and get it.

The GRIT Tank

The GRIT Tank is an Ontario specific competitive category in the realm of entrepreneurship at the Provincial Competition. With the structure of a typical DECA Business Management and Entrepreneurship Event, the GRIT Tank differs in that participants present their venture to a panel of business consultants and entrepreneurs in an interactive format allowing a conversation and analysis of the business idea by everyone in the room. Only the top 3 ideas move on to ICDC as competitors in the EIP category.

The GRIT Cast

GRIT Testimonials