Provincial Executive Officers

Representing our values and supporting 15,000+ members across the province.


The DECA Ontario Provincial Officer team represents the drive and professionalism of our members across the province.  Being an officer is the ideal way for high school students to apply their business management knowledge to a leadership position with great responsibility and visibility.  Each year this 8 member team is selected by the outgoing Officers and the Board of Directors to serve a one year term.  In this term, the Officer Team makes decisions that guide the direction of the organization, advance the programming goals of the organization, and serve as role-models for all of our members.

Sherry Yang


Romy Levy


Ryan Chang

Media Coordinator

Andy Feng

Media Coordinator

Marianna Speranza

Branding and Communication

Jake Rudolph

Branding and Communication

Shreyas Suri

Chapter Development

Rachel Ma


Run for Provincial Office

The application to run for office is now closed.  Successful candidates will be announced June 1.

The Executive Application process is now open.  Deadline to apply is April 8, 2020.

Updated Application Process: For more information, please contact your DECA advisor. You MUST use your personal email to apply.